What Training Do You Need To Become An Electrician?

Remember the time when your teacher once asked you what you’d want to become when you grow up? Perhaps most of your classmates chose white-collared jobs as their desired profession. However, you’re more fascinated with electrical wirings and such things, leading you to the decision of becoming an electrician.

However, for you to become one, you need to undergo a series of trainings and examinations to become proficient in your chosen profession. Though the road ahead might be a tough one, you can most certainly deal with it with your undying passion.

So, if you’re already decided to become a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) in Singapore, then pay close attention to the details below.

How to become a licensed Electrician in Singapore?

  1. Invest in your trainings.
  • Choose a high quality and reputable facility to get the most trustworthy credentials
  • Make sure that you get one of the highest grades in your class as this will open more opportunities for your career, as well as scholarships.
  • Make a research as to the best training facilities in your area.
  • Requirements
  • Certificate coming from the National Institute of Technical Education with a curriculum related to the electrical work
  • Electrical technician’s license – you must carry these around all the time while rendering your services
  • Diploma in electrical engineering or the equivalent of such
  • Not less than 2 years of supervised practical experience in Singapore
  • Pay the necessary application fee of $50 and a license fee of $60 (license needs to be renewed on an annual basis).
  • Build a credible reputation as an Electrician, offering affordable yet quality services
  • One can start to install, repair, maintain, operate, inspect, test, and design electrical work that does not exceed 1000V but less than 45 kVA (65A)

If you are seriously taking down this path, then you can always make a quick search on the internet for a more detailed take on this matter.