Sumang Walk EC: Floor Plans Will Range From 1 To 5 Bedrooms

The real estate and industrial living of Singapore has grown exponentially in many years now. More people of Singapore have been buying executive condos and which are very much different from other types of condos where 1 bedroom to a max of 3 is only available. With the new Sumang Walk EC, the bedrooms could go as many as 4-5. How crazy could that be? It is like living a residential house. More people have become highly interested to own units on this project.

The Sumang Walk EC floor plan is so unbelievable, imagine how large these units could be at this building having as many as 4-5 bedrooms. Comparing to other buildings who just have 1-2 bedrooms and imagine how slim the spaces are for an entire family to live. With this executive condo, a large family can now be accommodated without having to adjust the spaces intended for recreation and for other kids to enjoy and play. Also it is good for large groups who are staying in one unit as the rooms are going to be spacious for every occupant.

Not only are the rooms bigger, spacious and have lots of bedrooms, but these units also comes with a study. How cool could that be? It is like living in the entire floor of a unit of a building. Now the good thing about this new project to be developed is how it is very convenient to commuters who goes to work every day. There are bus stations available nearby as well MRT and LRT stations that are just walking distances from where the building is located. Moreover, a recreational area will also be developed along with the building so occupants need not go far as they can do activities just close to where they live.